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FAQ for 3D Intraoral Scanning Certification of Competency (COC) Course

On 31 October 2019, SDC officially sanctioned the Association for Oral Health Therapists (AOHT) Singapore to run 3-Dimensional Intraoral Scanning CoC Course. OHTs will have to submit their Certificate of attendance to SDC and receive a Letter of Approval before practicing clinically. 

1. How can OHTs officially get certified?

Attending the 3-Dimensional Intraoral Scanning workshop organized by AOHT.
AOHT will email participants their Certificate of attendance upon successful completion of course. Participants are required to send in the Certificate to Singapore Dental Council at Once a letter of approval has been provided by SDC, the OHT is able to officially perform 3D Intraoral Scanning.

2. How do I register for the 3-Dimensional Intraoral Scanning Course?

Persons who are interested to attend the course can register their interest in the Home page under "Pre-Registration for 3-Dimensional Intraoral Scanning Course". Participants will be allocated to the next available date according to their pre-registered interest.
Due to the easing of Circuit Breaker measures for Covid-19, there is a limited number of participants allocated for each session. We humbly seek your kind understanding in this.

3. What is the duration of the entire course?

It will be a one-day workshop, from 9am - 6pm.

Note: Registration begins at 8:30am and participants are to arrive punctually at 9am to event venue.

4. Will CPE points be awarded?

Yes, this is a CPE registered event.
All licensed dental professionals will be accredited CPE points after they have successfully completed the course.

5. What are the registration fees like?

AOHT / SDA member: $150

Non-AOHT / SDA member: $250

NTUC union members get to enjoy UTAP funding of up to 50% off course fees, capped at $250 per year.
NTUC union member Signup link here:

Union members are required to submit the event Receipt and Certificate of Attendance to the UTAP portal.

For more information, kindly contact NTUC Union.

6. Who can participate in this course?

This course was primarily catered to Oral Health Therapists for the purpose of expanding their current workscope.
Nevertheless, ALL dental professionals (including Dentists, Specialists, Dental Surgery Assistants, Dental Nurses) are welcome to attend this in-depth course on 3-Dimensional Scanning.

7. What is/are the current criteria to successfully complete the course/workshop?

OHT participants will have to sit for an assessment at the end of the course. They will have to obtain an overall of 80% for the assessment - should they not obtain 80%, they will have to retake the assessment during the next 3D Intraoral Scanning course.

All other dental professionals will be strongly encouraged to attend at least the Practical Assessment to enhance exposure and proficiency in using an Intraoral Scanner.

Upon successful completion of the course, all participants will receive a e-Certificate of Attendance emailed to them within 1-2 weeks after event.
OHT participants will also receive an e-Certificate of Competency to be submitted to Singapore Dental Council.

8 After attending the course, what needs to be done and what is required in the email to SDC?

OHTs are required to attach the e-Certificate of Competency as well as their Full name (as per NRIC), DCR number in the email to Singapore Dental Council (SDC). OHTs can officially practice after receiving a Letter of Approval from SDC.

9. How long will it take for the application for approval of workscope expansion?

The application for approval will take approximately 1 month from the date of request. Successful applicants will receive their approval from SDC via email. 

10. Is there a validity period for the certification?

Yes. The certification is valid for 3 years from the date of the OHTs letter of approval issued by SDC, that is 31 October 2019 to 31 October 2022. - The validity of the 3-Dimensional Scanning Certification ends on 31 October 2022, regardless of when the OHT attends the course. 

11. How does 3D Intraoral Scanning help OHTs in their clinical work?

This is an additional workscope apart from the 12 workscopes listed on SDC’s website. OHTs will add-value to their clinical practice upon receival of the Certificate of Competency in 3D Intraoral Scanning.

**All workscopes still require dentists’ prescription.

12. How comprehensive is the 3D Intraoral Scanning course?

The outline of the course will encompass these topics as follows:
  • Introduction to 3-Dimensional Intraoral Scanning
  • Scanning Strategy
  • Digital Workflow
  • Sending of scans to labs
  • Converting scans to STL files
  • Ethical Issues

13. Can OHTs scan a patient who is currently undergoing orthodontic or prosthetic treatment?

Yes. It should not hinder them from taking an initial scan for the patient.
Should additional assistance be required for patients with prosthetic treatment, they can approach the relevant Product Brand Specialist they work with for more sophisticated functions on crown preparations or other prostheses work.

14. Who is considered an eligible speaker for CoC Accredited course?

The courses can be delivered by any locally registered SDC dentist or specialist. They will receive the relevant number of CPE points for the duration of the course/workshop. 

15. AOHT refund policy

AOHT will only refund participants who are able to show proof of Medical Certificate (MC) to event organizers before the event commences. Should any participant not be able to produce an MC, no refunds will be given and participants will have to re-register for the next event.

For all other enquiries, please email Singapore Dental Council.

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