FAQ for 3D Intraoral Scanning Certification of Competency (COC) Course

On 31 October 2019, SDC officially sanctioned the Association for Oral Health Therapists (AOHT) Singapore to run 3-Dimensional Intraoral Scanning CoC Course. OHTs will have to submit their Certificate of attendance to SDC and receive a Letter of Approval before practicing clinically. 

Attending the 3-Dimensional Intraoral Scanning workshop organized by AOHT.

AOHT will email participants their Certificate of attendance upon successful completion of course. Participants are required to send in the Certificate to Singapore Dental Council at Once a letter of approval has been provided by SDC, the OHT is able to officially perform 3D Intraoral Scanning.

OHT's full name, DCR number and Certificate of attendance (issued by AOHT) should be included/attached in the email. 

The application for approval will take approximately 1 month from the date of request. Successful applicants will receive their approval from SDC via email. 

Participants will have to sit for an assessment at the end of the course. They will have to obtain an overall of 80% for the assessment. - Should they not obtain 80%, they will have to retake the assessment during the next 3D Intraoral Scanning course. 

Yes. The certification is valid for 3 years from the date of the OHTs letter of approval issued by SDC, that is 31 October 2019 to 31 October 2022. - The validity of the 3-Dimensional Scanning Certification ends on 31 October 2022, regardless of when the OHT attends the course. 

This is an additional workscope apart from the 12 workscopes listed on SDC’s website. - OHTs will add-value to their clinical practice upon receival of the Certificate of Competency in 3D Intraoral Scanning.

**All workscopes still require dentists’ prescription.

There is a minimum criterion for OHTs to meet during the course. From obtaining verbal consent from the patient to registering them as a new case to applying accurate scan strategies (varies amongst brands) to saving the scans and sending them out the relevant labs for fabrication.  In addition, they will learn how to convert scans into STL files. 

Yes. It should not hinder them from taking an initial scan for the patient.

Yes. Should there require additional assistance for an individual case, they can approach the relevant Product Brand Specialist they work with for more sophisticated functions on crown preparations or other prostheses work. 

Yes. They are allowed to publicly display the Certificate in their clinic. However, they shall not display it on personal/corporate name cards.

Information will be available through AOHT’s official website and social media platforms such as Telegram, Facebook and Instagram 

There are plans to hold the course every even month of 2020 (subject to updates/changes)

The courses can be delivered by any locally registered SDC dentist or specialist. They will receive the relevant number of CPE points for the duration of the course/workshop. 

**OHTs will be notified within 2 weeks if they have successfully completed the 3- Dimensional Intraoral Scanning Course. 

For all other enquiries, please email Singapore Dental Council.