AOHT Council

The Association for Oral Health Therapists (AOHT) Singapore is proud to present to you our council members for YR2020-2022. Our Mission is “To be the one voice representing Oral Health Therapists in Singapore”. Our Vision is “To be recognized nationwide as an integral part of the dental team”.

The Association is an inclusive body, believing firmly on forging long-term partnerships with Dental Professionals and Dental Businesses locally and globally. We seek to excel through Professional Development and Continuing Education programs.

We are also open to receiving feedback and work with reliable partners to enhance the profession and ensure that decisions made is for the betterment of the dental fraternity in Singapore.

Meet Our Council Members

Janelle Joy Foo

Chair, Professional Outreach & Research

The President of the Association for Oral Health Therapists (AOHT) Singapore is to support and promote the Oral Health Therapy profession locally and internationally.

She is one who stands by the Association’s Mission and Vision statement. She works together with a group of passionate fellow Oral Health Therapists within the Council Board to share current knowledge, discuss pertinent issues and make concrete decisions on behalf of OHTs in Singapore.

As the Chair of the Professional Outreach committee, she establishes and develop relations with other dental and non-dental professional bodies in Singapore and worldwide. In addition, she is involved in annual journal publication and finds opportunities for clinical research.

Amedah Soh

Chair, Academic

The Vice-President supports the President in his role. She provides sound advice and a contributes significantly to the enhancement of the OHT Profession. She has the legislative power to make informed decisions when the President is unable to participate in events.

The Vice-President is involved in official meetings with international counterparts and forms partnerships with other Healthcare Professionals. As the head of the Academic committee, Amedah develops and organizes formal and informal courses related to Oral Health Therapy. She works closely with dental stakeholders in the development of courses required

Huang Kaiwei

Honorary Secretary
Chair, Ethics

A Secretary takes on the role as a guardian of the processes of meetings in formal meetings. She usually arrange for meetings, arrange Annual General Meetings, and keep formal records of the Association’s processes and decisions: such as the minutes of meeting.

She is heavily involved in organizing Community Involvement Programmes (CIP) amongst AOHT members. Her role is to raise awareness of the OHT profession amongst the general public, and promote oral health for the community.

The Ethics committee handles the application of professional licenses for OHTs, and will assist in liaising with Insurance Company. They assist the Welfare committee to ensure that the membership and indemnity forms are completed.

The AOHT currently engages the QBE Insurance Group for Dental Protection License.

Deanna Lim

Chair, Finance

The Treasurer receives monetary payments for new or renewed memberships, payments from events organized by AOHT and releases necessary expenditure with informed consent from Council members.

She is responsible for the financial in-and-outflow of transactions within the Association. She seeks the advice from the Council before making payments, especially to external vendors. She also reports the Statement of Income & Expenditure as well as the Statement of Financial position of the Association during every council meeting conducted (monthly).

Valerie See

Chair, Membership

The Membership committee organizes activities to engage members of Associations. E.g., welcome tea for new graduates, annual welfare event for members etc. They also handle membership related matters such as registration, renewal, recruitment drive etc. In addition to that, she maintains an up-to-date register of members at all times.

Ashwani Prabhai

Chair for Professional Development

The Professional Development committee aims to boost overall effectiveness of the Oral Health Therapist profession in Singapore. This enhances quality of employment  of OHTs, expands their skillset and perfect existing ones to remain competitive in the workforce.

In addition, they provide support to Academic Committee for Formal Continuing Professional Education.

Toh Ethel

Chair, Academic

As the head of the Academic committee, Attiya develops and organizes formal and informal courses related to Oral Health Therapy. She works closely with Nanyang Polytechnic Diploma in Oral Health Therapy in the development of courses required.

Kwan Yi Yan

Chair for Public Relations & Loigstics

The Publicity committee assists in matters related to the AOHT and the Oral Health Therapist Profession to the public. They are also in-charge of international correspondences with speakers and sponsors.

They ensure logistical arrangements are made during AOHT-organised events/activities.

Chen Qing Xiang

Chair for Communications

The Communications committee maintains and periodically improves the AOHT website at the appointment of a new chairperson. Upcoming events are also regularly updated on the website, and they maintain and continually promote educational videos for the benefit of dental professionals as well as the public.

Yap Xin Ying

The Corporate Social Responsibility team engages with local and international partners to proactively help our community who require assistance.

We have worked with Aged care centres locally and teams have gone to Batam for humanitarian work in the past years.